Nurse (General)

Air Force Civilian Service
Job Type:
Full Time
Posted Date:
May. 15th 2017
  • Texas

Job Description

The Air Force Civilian Service (AFCS) has employment opportunities for Nurses in multiple locations worldwide.  

AFCS is a worldwide organization employing over 180,000 personnel across a broad array of positions.  We are the civilian support component of the United States Air Force, providing everything from human resources to engineering and childcare to contract management.  We are not active-duty military, but we work side by side with Airmen and officers to support the defense of our nation. 

Working with AFCS, you will likely find yourself working on, or near, a United States Air Force installation, either in the U.S. or around the world.  While you will not live on the installation, you will probably notice that a United States Air Force installation is not unlike a small town.  It is a self-contained community providing every kind of service: childcare, shopping, entertainment, recreation, and more.  You will quickly see how close-knit our communities are.  AFCS employees often talk of the “sense of family” that they feel working on base.  Folks look out for one another, and they offer support, encouragement, and friendship. 

As a Federal employee, you will enjoy a generous leave package including holidays, vacation, and sick time.  You will do the following kinds of work:

  • Provide care to patients in hospitals, clinics, occupational health units, homes, schools and communities.
  • Administer anesthetic agents and supportive treatments to patients undergoing surgery or other medical procedures.
  • Promote better health practices, teaching and performing research in one or more phases of the field of nursing.
  • Consult and advise nurses who provide direct care to patients.

In addition, you will need to have the following kinds of knowledge to qualify.

  • Knowledge of professional nursing care theories, principles, practices, and procedures to perform nursing assignments of moderate difficulty.
  • Knowledge of a variety of pharmacological agents used in patient treatment, the desired effects, side effects, and complications of their use.
  • Knowledge of the administrative requirements for proper documentation of patient condition including disease progress, acknowledgement of teaching, and follow up care.
  • Skill in setting up and operating specialized medical equipment such as resuscitators, cardiac monitoring devices, EKG units, oxygen analyzers, and ventilators.
  • Ability to assess patient care needs, develop nursing care plans, and advise on changes in patient status.

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