Registered Nurse

Parmer Medical Center
Job Type:
Full Time
Posted Date:
Feb. 8th 2019
  • Friona, TX 79035

Job Description

Reports To: Director of Nursing
Position type: Full Time - Nights

Position Summary:
Working under the supervision of the Director of Nursing, the Registered Nurse provides direct and indirect patient care in the medical and emergency departments and coordinates care planning with other disciplines.  Communicates with physicians and co-workers as appropriate about changes in patient’s clinical condition including results of any diagnostic studies and symptomatology.  Provides care that meets the physical psychosocial and general aspects of care needed by patients.  Performs other related duties as directed.

General Responsibilities:
1. Reflects the hospital's philosophy of excellence and professionalism while directly performing the job and at all times when representing the department or hospital.
2. Adheres to all applicable aspects of the hospital’s various policy and procedure manuals.
3. Accepts responsibility for his/her actions.
4. Is internally inspired to perform to the best of one’s ability using his/her own drive or initiative.
5. Develops and maintains communication and social skills. Observes courtesy standards through use of verbal amenities, pleasant facial and body expressions and pleasant voice tone when in contact with co-workers, physicians, patients and visitors. 
6. Communicates appropriately and clearly to physicians, staff and administrative team.
7. Promotes a positive attitude for good interpersonal and interdepartmental relationships. Shows consideration for and maintains good relations with others and is sensitive to the feelings of others.
8. Works effectively with people regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or job type.
9. Interacts effectively with supervisors and peers in building a cohesive work group. Develops and maintains sound working relationships with others at various levels of the organization.
10. Skill in conflict resolution is demonstrated.
11. Maintains composure when confronted with job stress or emergency situations.
12. Adapts well to change in the workplace.
13. Selects and prioritizes suitable alternative courses of action when confronted by an obstacle.
14. Consistent and concise lines of authority and responsibility are maintained.
15. Maintains the confidentiality of patients, staff and department information at all times.
16. Takes care of the patient’s and family’s needs while following hospital procedures. Interacts professionally and empathetically with them.
17. Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health errors.
18. Ensures that patient’s rights to fair and equitable treatment, self-determination, individuality, privacy, property and civil rights, including the right to wage a complaint are well established and maintained at all times.
19. Keeps abreast of the economic condition/situation and makes adjustments as directed/necessary to assure the continued ability to provide quality patient care.
20. Treats patients and their families with respect and dignity. Identifies and addresses the psychosocial, cultural, ethnic and religious/spiritual need of patients and their families.
21. Adheres to safety guidelines and reports hazards or accidents/illnesses immediately to supervisor.
22. Minimizes waste of supplies, misuse of equipment and reports any knowledge thereof to a supervisor.
23. Participates effectively in the orientation of new staff.
24. Cross trains for other positions as directed by a supervisor or administrator.
25. Functions in an organized manner and plans work assignments to effectively use time.
26. Attends all mandatory training and educational programs to maintain necessary competency including but not limited to licensure and/or certification.
27. Keeps unscheduled absences (sick leave and emergencies) to a minimum and always verifies need.
28. Is willing to work beyond the normal schedule when necessary.
29. Maintains an overall neat and clean appearance. Selects conservative dress styles reflective of the job while adhering to the dress guidelines established by the department.
30. Responds objectively and positively to changes occurring in the hospital and health care.
31. Performs other related duties and responsibilities as necessary or as directed by the supervisor or Hospital Administrator.

Position Specific Responsibilities:
1. Determines priorities of care based on physical and psychosocial needs of patients, as well as factors influencing patient flow throughout the system. 
2. Performs a head-to-toe assessment on all patients and re-assessments as per policy. This includes pediatric, geriatric, and the general patient population.
3. Coordinates and monitors patient care in the Emergency Room.
4. Performs treatments and provides services to level licensure.
5. Assists physicians with procedures and performs services requiring technical skills.
6. Performs patient care responsibilities considering needs specific to the standard of care for the patient’s age.
7. Consults other departments as appropriate to provide for an interdisciplinary approach to the patient’s needs.
8. Assesses and reassesses pain. Utilizes appropriate pain management techniques. Educates the patient and family regarding pain management.
9. Demonstrates knowledge of cardiac monitoring, identifies dysrhythmias and treats appropriately.
10. Does 12 lead EKG’s when required.
11. Responds quickly and accurately to changes in condition or response to treatment.
12. Makes independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action.
13. Demonstrates leadership ability and the willingness to work harmoniously with and monitor professional and non-professional people.
14. Demonstrates the ability to plan, organize, develop, implement and interpret the programs, goals, policies, and procedures of the Nursing Department.
15. Demonstrates knowledge of medications and their correct administration based on the age of the patient and their clinical condition.
16. Follows the five medication rights and reduces the potential for medication errors.
17. Prepares, hangs, monitors and discontinues IV fluids.
18. Administers ordered breathing treatments.
19. Writes care plan on the Kardex or uses an appropriate care plan form and demonstrates the ability to revise the plan of care as indicated by the patient’s response to treatment and evaluates overall plan daily for effectiveness.
20. Meets current standards and policies for documentation for medical and ER records.
21. Formulates a teaching plan based upon identified learning needs and evaluates the effectiveness of learning, including family as appropriate.
22. Completes patient transfers properly including phone contacts and paperwork.
23. In the case of patient death, LifeGift is notified and appropriate paperwork completed accurately and timely.
24. Completes cleaning assignments when assigned.
25. Reads and signs all staff meeting minutes and memos.
26. Completes Manual Reviews as assigned.
27. Completes Skill Reviews as assigned.
28. Replaces items used in the Emergency Room. 

Position Qualifications:
1. Must possess a Registered Nurse Degree from an accredited school of nursing or college.
2. Must possess a valid and current Registered Nurse License in the State of Texas (or compact license with the State of Texas).
3. Current BCLS certification required.
4. ACLS, TNCC, and ENPC certification a plus.
5. Must be knowledgeable of nursing and medical practices and procedures, as well as laws, regulations, and guidelines pertaining to hospital operation.
6. One or more years of experience in related field preferred.
7. Must possess typing skills and general computer experience.
8. Must have mathematical ability and be able to think and reason logically.
9. Must be able to read, write and speak the English language in an understandable manner. 

Physical Requirements:
1. Must be in good general health and demonstrate emotional stability.
2. Must possess sight/hearing/touch senses or the use of prosthetics that will enable these senses to function adequately so that the requirements of the position can be met.
3. Must be able to move intermittently throughout the workday.
4. Must be able to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the position.
5. May be constantly required to push/pull, lift objects over 100 pounds.

Working Conditions:
1. Works in well lighted/ventilated areas.
2. May sit or stand for long periods.
3. Must be able to stoop, bend, lift and move intermittently during work hours.
4. Subject to frequent interruptions.
5. May be subjected to infectious diseases, substances, contaminated articles, etc.

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