Saline County
Job Type:
Full Time
Posted Date:
Nov. 16th 2020
  • Salina, KS 67402

Job Description





DEPARTMENT: Sheriff’s Office

JOB CODE: 2113


REPORTS TO : Corporal 



Provide phone reception for Sheriff’s Office. Operate video equipment. Photograph inmates using photo imaging equipment. Supervise inmates housed in booking. Fingerprint inmates and process arresting Officer’s paperwork. Fill out Bonds/Notice to Appear paperwork and enter Court dates in computer. Record and store inmate’s property and money. When released, return inmate’s personal property. Monitor inmates on suicide watch who are housed in booking and maintain suicide log. Assist inmates with phone calls to bondsmen, employers or family members. Enter inmate’s appointments into the computer. Make incident reports for all unusual occurrences, rule violations, inmate moves, etc. 



Shower, search and dress out inmates that will be incarcerated in the Saline County Jail.  Assist Patrol Deputies/Officers with unruly prisoners in Sally Port.  Issue bedding, clothing, hygiene items, and a jail inmate rule book.  Process inmate’s work release paperwork and work assignments.  Supervise inmate workers. Escort and supervise maximum classified inmates in the jail and in the recreation yard. Document visitors, interviews, money transactions and inmate’s property. Conduct pat searches, strip searches when necessary.  Monitor inmates during video arraignment.  Assist Pod Officers with meals.  Perform contraband control searches of jail.  Perform jail checks to ensure well-being of inmates. Perform inmate count at end of shift.  Move inmates to booking for Court appearances, medical appointments and transportation to other facilities. Work the visitation window. Perform searches of anyone entering the Facility using metal detectors.  Relieve Pod, Booking and Control Officers as assigned.  Provide first aid until medical assistance can be obtained.  Provide security for nursing Staff.  Record any medical or dental visits. Make incident reports for all unusual occurrences, rule violations, inmate moves, etc. Respond to and handle any “code” calls, such as fights, medical, etc.  



Administer over-the-counter medications.  Observe inmates for signs of ill health or injuries and request medical assistance.  


Maintain security for all outside security doors and monitor who enters and exits the Facility.  Be proficient in the operation of the control panel. Monitor the exercise yard and visitation. Monitor inmate’s movement within the Facility. Notify Movement Officers by radio of assignments and act as the radio dispatch area for Corrections. Monitor all security cameras in the Facility. Prepare meal count sheets at each meal. Answer the inmate’s intercom for female cells, booking, 4000 and the old jail.  Monitor intercoms in the pods when the Pod Officer locks down and after 0000 hours. Answer incoming calls from public. Keep activity log in Corrections Records Management System. Help with the visitation window. Verify warrants for District Court. Fax to appropriate agencies when needed. Complete KSAR as needed.



Monitor cameras and intercoms. Process outgoing mail. Provide personal items to inmates. Ensure inmates follow rules in inmate handbook. Supervise inmate workers working in pod area. Process commissary purchases. Post records and distribute items ordered to inmates.  Handle inmate’s requests and grievances as needed. Maintain list of inmates attending jail programs and going to the recreation yard. Open cell doors for inmates. Account for meal trays and utensils entering and leaving the cells. Track activity of inmates in pod using Corrections Records Management System computer activity log. Make incident reports for unusual occurrences, rule violations, inmate moves, etc.   



Record inmate’s visitations including personal, legal and religious.  Check all ID’s for visitors to make sure they are of age and that they are allowed to visit. Monitor inmate’s visitation for any disturbances.  Monitor inmate’s visitation for contraband. Update all visitors’ jackets. Make sure no visitor has an active warrant. Record inmate’s money including money received at the correction’s window and through the mail. Maintain receipt book for all money transactions. Maintain records on minor children’s ID’s. 
Maintain records on authorization for inmate-to-inmate correspondence.  Maintain records of the current
location of inmates that are transported to other facilities.



Record all incoming mail in the Corrections Records Management System. Inspect all incoming mail for unauthorized items of contraband. Provide written notification to all inmates of the unapproved items and the disposition of the items. Mail a notification to the sender of unauthorized item.  Forward all inmate’s mail when they are transported to another Facility. Check outgoing mail for correct postage and return address.  Check mail for contraband and graffiti.  Record inmate’s indigent mail.  Run all mail that does not have postage through the Pitney Bowes machine.  Take inmate’s mail to the Post Office for delivery.  



Balance the inmate’s postage account through the Keefe money account and the Pitney Bowes machine. Deduct money from inmate’s account for postage.  Deduct monies from the inmate’s accounts for PRN’s and supplies as requested. 



Maintain a clean and organized work area. Maintain cleanliness in Control Room. E-mail maintenance with any work orders. 


Obtain certification for CPR and self-defense tactics. Attend required training. Obtain less lethal weapons certifications/qualifications after completion of COI probation. Serve civil process and warrants on persons in custody or who contact the Jail. Write incident addits to KBI reports which occur in the jail.  Testify in Court as required.  Be able to operate and understand the proper use of hand-held radio. Fill out KSAR for warrants served. Perform perimeter checks.



 Maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner so that you get along with customers, clients, co-workers and management.  Must be able to render creditable testimony in a Court of Law.



  1. Must be 18 years of age at time of hire. 
  2. Must have a High School diploma or the equivalent. 
  3. Must have good clerical skills.
  4. No felony or domestic violence convictions including diversions and expungements.
  5. Serious misdemeanor convictions will be evaluated including diversions and expungements. 


Ability to read and apply directions.  This skill is needed when distributing over the counter medicine,
reviewing lists of personal property, filing medical forms, interpreting warrant and civil orders and
checking daily request sheets. Must be able to process paperwork and perform various clerical duties. 
Ability to listen to information and instructions and apply to new situations. Ability to analyze facts and
to make sound judgments when performing day-to-day activities. Ability to deal with violent and unstable


Determined Work Level: Level 4 – Heavy Work The applicant must attain a 3.5 score or above score on their physical capacity profile. Exerting 50 to 100 pounds of force occasionally, and/or 25 to 50 pounds of force frequently, and/or 10 to 20 pounds of force constantly.  Ability to communicate ideas by means of the spoken word.  Must be able to give directions and greet people at the counter and on the phone. Job performance and/or safety of self and others demands being able to see clearly 20 feet or more.  Must be physically able to subdue prisoners or inmates.  Ability to maintain balance to prevent falling when walking, standing, crouching or running. Must be able to pursue inmates when necessary.


The above position description is intended to describe the duties of an employee in general terms and does not necessarily describe all of his/her duties. The mental and physical demands described are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations will be made as necessary to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. 

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